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Jesse’s official facebook page for his new fragrance Wanted posted an interview with the photographer, Michael Grecco, and art director, Renato Delle Side, of First American Brands. It is about the ad campaign for Jesse’s fragrance and is very interesting and exciting. Enjoy below!

What was it like working with Jesse McCartney on the advertising campaign for “Wanted by Jesse”?
M: Jesse is such a professional he makes it really easy to work with. I love the classic look he has, so anytime he is in the frame he brings a sense of nostalgia to the photography. When he’s in a suit he has that classic strength like James Bond.
R: Jesse is a fantastic professional. Besides being a popular singer, he’s an actor, so he’s totally confident on set. I believe that Jesse, Michael and I, along with the whole crew, have done a great shooting.

You have been on a lot of shoots with celebrities, was Jesse difficult to work with?
M: No, Jesse is very mellow and very easy to work with, because he acts also, he takes direction well and commands the scene.

How did you come up with the concept for the “Wanted by Jesse” Ad campaign?
R: It hasn’t been so difficult. As I usually do, when I need inspiration for a campaign, I try to get as much information on the person/product as I can. The idea for Wanted by Jesse came in my mind while watching few videos of Jesse’s concerts. I remember these girls getting wild because of him. He was totally ‘desired’ by them.
In our case, for this campaign, I had to invert the parts, and put one of his fans, in the situation of being ‘wanted’ by Jesse because of her little secret, which is the fragrance she’s wearing.

What determined the kind of shots and angles you decided to take while working on “Wanted by Jesse”?
M: Because we were shooting sound for the commercial and also stills to shoot with different backgrounds we chose to shoot in a studio. We picked the angles to work with the sets we built and to work with the background actors.
How do fragrance campaigns differ from other projects that you work on?
M: A fragrance campaign has to build romanticism, a longing, like a good fashion campaign. The viewer has to respond and want to be the person in the ad.
R: I’ve actually been working for many campaigns for several industries before starting my experience at First American Brands, which is a fragrance design company. I have to admit that working on the advertising for the launch of a fragrance is something that really differs from other products. At the same time, it stimulated and interested me.
It’s all about communicating real emotions, atmospheres, and catching details that relate the fragrance to its “creator”, as well as the character(s) to the audience.

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I’ve added a bunch of behind the scenes of “Wanted” pictures to gallery. I can’t wait for his fragrance to come out!! Be sure to check out these pictures!

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